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Shipping Information

Orders are typically processed within 48 business hours. Occasionally we will get a run on an item and may experience delays. If this becomes the case we will do our best to contact the customer as soon as possible and offer them various alternatives. If a product is shown as “in stock” on the site, the customer can rest assured that it is truly in stock. We will remove items from the site before we run out of an item.

SantaSupplyOnline.com ships via FedEx, FedEx Ground and UPS within the continental US for online orders. International shipping is available for phone orders ONLY. We do not guarantee which shipping company we will use, only the speed of the shipment. The speed of the shipment (i.e. 2 business days) does not include packing and pulling time, which is processing time additional to the shipping time paid for.

Delayed Shipments

All SantaSupplyOnline.com customers agree not to hold SantaSupplyOnline.com liable for delays in ground or express shipments caused by weather conditions, shipping provider delays, international customs issues or any other circumstances beyond SantaSupplyOnline.com’s direct control. Ground services are never guaranteed and all customers agree to never hold SantaSupplyOnline.com liable for any shipping delays, exemptions, or rescheduled deliveries.

SantaSupplyOnline.com shipment and delivery dates are calculated based upon estimates provided by our shipping providers. SantaSupplyOnline.com will always act to make sure that any distribution difficulties do not delay delivery schedules. In no case shall SantaSupplyOnline.com be liable for any consequential damages or direct damages resulting from any delay in shipment or delivery.


Shipping errors will be charged to the buyer’s account in all cases except those that occur as a direct result of our processing procedures. Shipping errors include shipment refusals, incorrect address, address changes, order changes and failed delivery attempts. Charges incurred from shipping mistakes include return postage/freight costs, $10.00 per address change/correction, costs for refused shipments, costs for lost shipments, and any costs for reshipment.

If shipping charges on an order are refused by the buyer, the order will be returned to SantaSupplyOnline.com, and the buyer will be responsible for return shipping fees and the 20% restocking fee of the refused merchandise. In the case of shipping errors directly caused by SantaSupplyOnline.com, a 20% restocking fee will be subtracted for all returned orders that are refunded to a customer due to any of the errors stated above.

Lost/Stolen/Mis-delivered Packages & Claims

Please track your package(s) before you contact SantaSupplyOnline.com about a lost, stolen or misdelivered package(s). When your item is shipped, you are emailed the tracking information. If this information is not in your “inbox” please check your “SPAM” or “bulk email” folder. Sometimes our delivery carrier will hide packages at the delivery location so they are not visible to the public; please check around your entire location if the delivery carrier’s tracking information says your package(s) has been delivered.

If our delivery carrier claims that your package(s) has been delivered and you do not have your package(s); meaning it has been lost, stolen or misdelivered, you need to contact SantaSupplyOnline.com via our email at info@santasupplyonline.com

So we can try to locate the package(s), please provide us with your complete contact information and order number. Once you have contacted SantaSupplyOnline.com, you agree to allow us 10 business days (M-F not including holidays) to contact our delivery carrier and locate your package.

If your package can not be located, we will file a “service failure claim” with our delivery carrier on your behalf. At this time, SantaSupplyOnline.com will, in good faith, issue you a full refund for your purchase or resend your order. By issuing this good faith refund, we only ask that you assist us in the claim process. You may have to answer a few questions or fill out a short form from our delivery carrier so we can recover our losses. If, for some reason, our delivery carrier can prove that this claim is fraudulent, you will be billed accordingly.