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Santa Claus Chair Rental

Local chair rentals available only in the Columbus and Central Ohio area.

The chairs are available for local short or long term rental with our Santa Claus (for an additional fee), or without him (in which case, a security deposit is required).

Rental Santa Chair

Two Piece Santa Claus Chair:
This whimsical chair is made up of two pieces, which can be quickly fastened with two bolts for easy assembly and disassembly.

When assembled, the chair measures 69″ H x 47″ W x 23″ D, and is sturdy enough to support up to five adults easily.

Disassembled, the chair measures only 28″ high, and will fit through any door opening. The chair’s back is also removable, allowing easy transport via a van, SUV, pickup truck, or trailer.


Folding Santa Claus Chair:
This chair breaks down so that it will fit in the back seat of a car or for storage.